As well as crafting fine furniture and cabinetry pieces, we have the ability to accent or “add on” to existing cabinetry by matching style, color and finish. We are occasionally challenged with this request, and have gone to great lengths to accommodate individual customers.

Custom ground cutters are often produced to match certain moldings and door profiles, and countless hours have been spent color matching both paint and stain colors, as well as top coat sheen.

Design, Layout & Consultation

Design and Layout is just as important as the look and quality of your cabinetry. When the design is right, the cabinetry and layout maximize the functionality and beauty of your space. Christian Derstine knows it can be complicated to make sure the look and feel for the space is right, so we make things easier for you. Our years of experience designing kitchens, office space, bathrooms and basements that meet your needs, have great functionality and superb design, all while staying within your budget. From modern and contemporary to traditional and eclectic, our designers will make sure your cabinetry reflects your style.

Finish Matching

As skilled cabinet makers we understand the importance of choosing the best cabinet materials for your application as well as helping you find products to match existing finishes you may have.

Building the furniture or cabinets is only part of the process, proper finishing, matching is a critical component in completing a project that you can be proud of, and leads to customer satisfaction.

For more information on how we may be able to assist you with your next project, please call 215-538-0952